Long neck ladies

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Long neck ladies

During my trip in Myanmar I had the opportunity to met the long neck ladies from the Inle Lake village also called the « giraffe women ».

The characteristics of the women from the Kayan tribe is well known: they where brass coils all around their neck that appears to length it (which actually put their collarbones down rather than elongating their necks, is just an illusion).

The women wear their necklaces for generation as a mark of beauty and tribal identity. They start wearing it around 5 years old and every five years the coil is replaced by a longer one.

The necklace is made in laiton (a metallic alloy that is made of copper and zinc). I was completely fascinated by the beauty of the necklace and how feminine it looks and might give some inspiration for some new jewelry…

The legends says that the reason why those women wear those necklace is to protect their neck from tiger bites.


14 février 2018